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The following chart is informational only. The list contains applications the web site recieved from the DRC and may not be a complete list. For example, applications under special review may not appear on the list below.

NOTE: Hawaii County advises that a building permit application that meets Hawai`i County Code may not necessarily meet the requirement of CC&Rs and Association By-laws. To avoid costly litigation with your Association and reconstruction, it is your responsibility to check with your Pualani Estates Design Review Committee (DRC), to make sure your plans are compliant with CC&Rs and Association By-laws BEFORE YOU APPLY for a County building permit. DRC Application Fees are non-refundable -

UNAUTHORIZED PROJECTS are subject to fines/penalties/removal as defined in your DRC Homeowner's Manual. To avoid any of these consequences, please refer to your manual BEFORE starting any project. If you have any questions, please contact the Association's Managing Agent.

REMOVAL OF LISTINGS: Notices below are removed from this web site once we receive word from the DRC that the project has been satisfactorily completed or no longer active.

***When your project is completed, please let the DRC know so they can close the application.***

DISCLAIMER: The following report is provided "as informational and reference only" and does not certify approval, disapproval, or modifications made. Actual current record of conditional approval/disapprovals are maintained by the PEAK Managing Agent, Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.

If you have questions about your application, please email the Association's Managing Agent or call (808) 930-3218 for assistance.

You can obtain a copy of the Appllication on-line. Mahalo!

LOT # ADDRESS PROJECT - When your project is completed, contact the DRC to close your application. POSTED TO WEBSITE- May differ from Date of Application
6 75-6130 Hoomama St. Hillside retaining wall pending Co. permit 10-12-2019
26 75-6216 Hookuku Moho Pl Enclose rear lanai pending Co. approval/permit Enclose rear lanai pending Co. approval/permit 6/28/2019
35 75-6215 Hookuku Moho

County permitted retaining rock wall, fence, landscaping

45 75-6153 Hoomama St. Storage shed 6/12/2019
111 75-6101 Kipehi Pl. Fence 11/1/2019
140 75-6137 Haku Mele Window to door conversion 9/21/2019
202 75-684 Mea Lanakila Hillside retaining wall pending Co. permit 10/12/2019
206 75-692 Mea Lanakila Pl. Fence replacement 11/1/2019
225 75-681 Lalii Pl. Fence, retaining walls, lanai pad, lanai roof cover (pending Co. approval), front yard plantings 9/21/2019
236 75-640 Mea Lanakila In ground pool, fence, lanai pad extension, pending Co. permit
239 75-632 Mea Lanakila Fence 9/21/2019
293 75-6088 Kipehi Pl. Roof structure over deck, County required corrections, Co. permit 10/12/2019
295 75-6084 Kipehi Fence and pergola
298 75-6091 Kipehi Pl Screen Plantings 11/1/2019
325 Paulehia St. Lanai Roof Addition, pending Co. approved plans 11/1/2019
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