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(Tips submitted by Homeowners)

TIP #1 - Use potted plants to "hide" refuse bins from being viewed from the street.


The following are links to various Resources. If you find a resource that is helpful to others in our Community, please email us with your suggestion. IF YOU FIND ANY BROKEN LINKS, please let us know.

To review Pualani Estates Documents and Resources, visit the Community's Documents and Forms page.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Abandoned Vehicle Program (Only the Police Department can initiate the Abandoned Vehicle Removal Process.) 808.935.3311
Abandoned vehicles
American Red Cross Emergency Preparations
American red cross
COUNCIL MEMBERS (and other County Contacts)
Pualani Community Police Officer (To report acts of vandalism, loud noise, illegal parking, suspicious activity, etc. email the officer.)
Hawai`i Police Department
Hawai`i Police Newsletter
police newsletter
House Paint Color Schemes
police newsletter

Mailbox Replacement

mailbox replacements

PL10 Mailbox Model No: #PL10w0201

Available from Home Depot and HPM. HPM carries the PL10 Mailbox in stock.

Questions? Contact the DRC


Noisy Animals:

Satellite dishes - Pualane Estates has some restrictions on these devices. For more information on such devices and their restrictions, consult your homeowner's CC&R manual, or Homeowner's Managing Agent. For FCC rules, click the arrow at right.
Report Speeding/Reckless (Hawai`i County Police Community Safety Watch)
Street Lights Out of Order (Report directly to County) (You must provide the street name and pole# that is located on the pole)
Street Damage (e.g. oil spills, street damage, etc. See County Code 22)
Sreet damage


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